Fire UpThe story

Like any good story, everything has started over a drink, and what a drink: a fat foamy latte. Two fans of coaching and self-development discuss about a concept they love: ikigai.
One thing led to another, latte to expresso, the idea of a workshop revealing the ikigai, then another, a community, a social platform… starts to take shape.
The dream: to connect people from different backgrounds and offer them the means to live their life to the fullest, explode the universal happiness level and change the world. That is it.
While waiting for this great moment, Fire Up would like to invite you on the best journey ever: your internal journey.
We are very excited to meet you soon!
Betty & Julie

Let us help you
revive your fire!

Our mission is to support as many people as possible to rediscover their inner fire so that they finally live their dream life
The truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.
Except when we have to tell our weight.
Yeeeeeaaaah! We have hunger for success!
We confess: hunger for chocolate, as well…,
To learn from the others and different horizons.
Yes to the cronut and to the peanut butter- crêpes.
We say yes to more love and kindness.
Leo, George, if you read this, just call us…écran-2019-03-14-09.43.31-160x160.png

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