For a daily energy boostReady to forget the
snooze button?

Find your reason of being, the spark that will give you the stamina and excitement to get out of bed!

For new opportunities, limitlessFind your spark and
change your life!

Unfold your options, do the first step and transform your dreams into reality!

motivation and energy?

Clarify your motivation and your potential, boost your sacred fire and become the real badass you are!

Stop doubting yourself! …
Because yes:

You are unique and wonderful,
You are allowed to feel blast, every day. good. Better: to have a blast, every day.
The World needs you and the stars will shine more
And no, we are not carried away here… (never!)
Welcome in the world of FIRE UP!

Join us for the next workshops in
Romandie Switzerland

So far, workshops are organised in Lausanne and Geneva but do not hesitate to let us know where you live and about your expectations! #nomades
A concept from Japan that can be translated by « the joy of life » or « reason of being ». In fact, it is the secret of a daily motivation and the eagerness to go the extra mile (yes, Lady!)
In other words:
You are unique
Your skills and your motivation are specific
You have an impact on the world
We need you!
Your ideal role in the world

Ikigai in one sketch,as a picture is worth a 1'000 words

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to revive the fire!

We will get back to you within 24 hours, we promise.
Unless, the insomnia strikes: you will get an answer 12 hours later, for sure

What you take
with you :

YOUR personal project
Tons of motivation
Tools to turn it into reality
New BF and a group to support you
A hotline

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